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We are the Mandate between you and our partner Mining Firm

I-Lath Corperations operates on the cryptocurrency market in several areas. working in close rapport with mining centers, make investments into their development and get a part of their income profit due to the growth of their capacity (servers, computing systems etc.).

One of the ways of a company development is attracting of private investors We can increase a number of financial transactions made on cryptocurrency markets, generate higher income and expand our participation interest in mining centers operation through the additional cash investments. The benefits of partnership with I-Lath Corperations are indisputable

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Having gone ahead of our clients to scrutinize , investigate and secure the best mining spots with the most up-to date technology and software from our Partner Mining Firms, We therefore secure the best mining capacity for our esteemed clients





Our awesome plans

With the best of our team efforts we came up with only two major contract plan and each plan lasts less than a year with a very realistic and well estimated percentage Returns

1 Year Contract Plan

Daily 1.5% for 365 times

Daily Return

for 365 times

1.5% roi each time

Minimum$ 1000
Maximum$ 100000
per time$ 757.5.0
Total Return$ 276487.5.0

2 Years Contract Plan

Daily 2.5% for 730 times

Daily Return

for 730 times

2.5% roi each time

Minimum$ 5000
Maximum$ 1000000
per time$ 12562.5.0
Total Return$ 9170625.0

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We pride ourselves with the dense quality of service we render to our esteemed clients here is a list of our top and appreciated investors from all around the world


$ 100000


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$ 50000

samuel son

$ 50000

Laura houston

$ 20000

samuel son

$ 10000

Laura houston

$ 10000

Laura houston

$ 10000

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Latest Deposits

Name Date Currency Amount
Victor Dec 20,2018 USD $30000
Laura houston Dec 20,2018 USD $200000
Smoc Nov 21,2018 USD $13000
Brandon James Nov 17,2018 USD $2500
Mathew Nov 15,2018 USD $1000
Kumar Jithendra Nov 15,2018 USD $200

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Name Date Currency Amount
Victor Dec 20,2018 USD $10000
Laura houston Dec 07,2018 USD $29051
Laura houston Dec 07,2018 USD $50000
Laura houston Dec 07,2018 USD $10000
Smoc Nov 21,2018 USD $3090
Angelo Gabriel Nov 20,2018 USD $1000

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